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Is your business always on the go? Wherever you use your mobile device, tablet or wireless credit card machine, we have the ideal solution for successful wireless credit card processing. With audio jack swipers, bluetooth swipers, fast wireless credit card terminals and the ability to email or print receipts on one of your printers after the sale, we have an option for all merchants. Our cloud based Payment Gateway allows you access from any mobile device or computer, we have you covered.

We offer Moble Merchants a complete suite of mobile payment processing services enabling you to succeed in today's competitive market.

Our Mobile credit card processing is a great option for the following:

"As much as 80% of impulse purchasing can be lost to business owners that do not accept credit cards - average order size increases by as much as 46% over a cash sale" (Forbes Magazine).

Before wireless mobile credit card processing solutions became available collecting funds for orders done "on the road" required people to either pay by cash, check or write down their credit card information so you could process the transaction later back at your office. The fact is, cash and checks can get lost and credit card information, if not put in a secure place, can get into the wrong hands between the time the information was taken down and the customers card was charged. Now mobile credit card processors have solutions that have taken the hassles out of doing business "on the run."

* Improved cash flow * Secure credit and debit card authorizations within a matter of seconds * Reduced instances of credit card fraud and chargebacks * Ability to conduct business where phone line connections don't exist!

Equipment for Wireless Credit Card Processing (Card-Present Transactions)

Mobile wireless credit card terminal designed to offer superior wireless performance, embedded in a rugged yet stylish form factor. With a large memory and a high capacity Li-ion rechargeable battery, the S90 is one of the most popular mobile terminals with merchants today.

The S90 comes with PCI PTS 3.x certification, optional built-in contactless, and delivers secure transactions using an ARM11 processor to support DUKPT, Master/Session and 3DES.:

o Trade shows
o Taxis
o Limos
o Fairs and festivals
o Plumbing Contractors
o Retail Stores
o Delivery services
o In home sales
o HVAC Contractors
o Towing
o Any mobile merchant!

Accepting mobile payments - whether by accepting credit cards on location in the field, or by letting users pay with smartphones at your store, is a must for just about any businesses type. IPhone Credit Card Processing or Android credit card processing via your smartphone is probably one of more cost effective ways to process cards on the road but may not be the fastest.

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iPhone Credit Card Processing Terminals

Process Credit Cards Anywhere!

Securely process any form of electronic payment from virtually anywhere on your smart phone or tablet

Fast, Easy & Secure

Process real-time credit card or debit card transactions from your website, store-front or mobile device.. Credit card information is NEVER stored on the device.

iPhone credit card processing

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