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credit card processing Service set upA credit card processing company is a type of bank credit card processing account that allows businesses to accept payments by payment cards, typically debit or credit cards. A credit card processing service is established under an agreement between an acceptor and a merchant acquiring bank for the settlement of payment card transactions. In some cases a payment processor, independent sales organization (ISO), or merchant service provider (MSP) is also a party to the merchant agreement. Whether a merchant enters into a merchant agreement directly with an acquiring bank or through an aggregator such as PayPal, the agreement contractually binds the merchant to obey the operating regulations established by the credit card processingcard associations.

Payment Gateway

A payment gateway is an e-commerce service that authorizes payments for e-businesses and online retailers. It is the equivalent of a physical POS (point-of-sale) terminal located in most retail outlets. A credit card processing provider is typically a separate company from the payment gateway. Some credit card processing providers have their own payment gateways but the majority of companies use 3rd party payment gateways. The gateway usually has 2 components: a) the virtual terminal that can allow for a merchant to securely login and key in credit card numbers or b) have the website's shopping-cart connect to the gateway via an API to allow for real time processing from the merchant's website.

A merchant account allows you to accept credit cards when customers wish to make a purchase. This is vital in the business world today, particularly for anyone using e-commerce to sell over the web as credit cards are the most common method of funds transfer online. Being able to accept funds in this way gives your business instant credibility, and can dramatically increase sales.

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