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We LOVE All Gun and Ammo Dealers, Shooting Ranges and the Shooting Sports Industry so it doesn't matter if you sell in person, at a Retail Store, at Gun Shows or Online we have a program for you! If you only process a thousand dollars per month or millions we can save you money! Improve Your Cash Flow Now with Our Free Low Cost 2nd Amendment Friendly Credit Card Processing!

  • No Set Up Fee
  • No Cancellation Fees
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Free Mobile Swiper Like Square But Gun Friendly With Lower Rates
  • No Long Term Contracts
  • Free Credit Card Terminal or Card Swiper
  • Gun Broker Credit Card Processing
  • Gun Friendly Payment Gateways: or EPN
  • 2nd Amendment Friendly Merchant Account

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Fill out our No Obligation Qualification Form (CLICK HERE) - this is your first step to accepting credit cards or saving money on your current credit card processing account.

By filling out this short form you will "not enter" in to any obligations or contracts with us. We will use it to determine the best program to offer you based on the information you provide.

You will be contacted by us within 1 business day so we can answer all your questions and determine the lowest rates for you. You can also contact us after filling out the form and we can speed up your account setup. Our certified staff will go over all you're options and you'll understand everything with your account "before" signing anything..

Note: All Information Provided To Us Will Remain 100% Confidential And Not Sold To Anyone !!


We Offer Gun and Firearms Friendly Credit Card Processing and Gun-Friendly Merchant Accounts for Firearm Dealers, Shooting Industry and Gun and Ammo Sellers. We also specialize in setting up credit card processing for Sellers and Shooting Ranges. As one of the only gun friendly payment processing credit card processors for both retail gun dealers and online gun dealers we understand your business and won't shut your account down because you sell firearms related products! credit card processing

“As much as 80% of impulse purchasing can be lost to business owners that do not accept charge cards and average order size increases by as much as 46% over a cash sale” (Forbes Magazine).

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There are NO programming skills needed, NO hidden costs and NO runarounds. We're known for our outstanding customer service, so we'll help you and stay behind you every step of the way!

Gun Dealer & Ammo Merchant Services: Firearm, Ammo and Gun Credit Card Processing with Gun Friendly Merchant Service.

Second Amendment Friendly Firearms Payment Processing! U.S. Gun merchant accounts and credit card processing for gun dealers for legal Federal Firearms License holders. We've been processing for gun dealers for many years for both internet and retail gun sales!

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If you are already accepting credit card payments, take a look at your recent merchant account statement. Most likely the rate that you were promised either doesn't apply to most of your transactions, or the rate you were promised was quietly changed without your knowledge several months down the road. With our Firearms Friendly Merchant Services you won't have this problem and no hidden fees will pop up!

We allow you to effortlessly accept credit card, debit card and online check payments in your retail gun shop, online store, at gun shows or anywhere. Take all major credit cards, debit cards and even checks A+ BBB Rated Firearms Credit Card Processing Companyonline. Firearms dealers, ammo dealers, gun shops, shooting ranges and any business associated with the sporting industry are welcome. You can process payments through a credit card terminal, from your computer browser, phone, desktop, website or however you would like to. You can customize everything. We also work with over 5000 ecommerce shopping carts, and many others which are firearms friendly. If you need firearms credit card processing give us a call!

After setting up thousands of firearms merchant account services we understand your business and talk your language. We know what a FFL Gun Dealer is and we know the difference between a Class I or Class III firearms dealer. Give us a call and find out!

Gun Dealer Credit Card Processing


We have Set-Up Tens of Thousands of Merchant Accounts since 1989. We'll be here when you need us and have real people answering the phone! You won't go through Voice Mail Hell to talk to a gun merchant servicesMerchant Service Specialist. Even if our office is closed our Merchants enjoy 24/7 support, unlike other Credit Card Processors and Merchant Service providers. Call us now at 800-757-5453. Use the Fast Charge Payment Gateway Virtual Terminal to process your phone Credit Card Sales. The Fast Charge Payment Gateway "Virtual Terminal" takes the place of a credit card terminal or processing software. We can also set you up with the eProcessing Network.

  • RETAIL FFL DEALER Merchant Account Services
  • INTERNET Credit Card Processing FOR GUN DEALERS
  • ONLINE Virtual Terminal
  • Website Payment Processing
  • Credit card processing for gun dealers
  • Gun Broker Credit Card Processing
  • Gun Friendly Merchant Services
  • Free Merchant Account Support


What do you need for a Gun Merchant Account?

  • Current FFL Dealer License
  • Web Site We Can Check If Selling Online
  • Written Refund Policy
  • Be Located in U.S.A.
  • Have Local Business License (Home Based is Acceptable)

Firearms Dealer Credit Card Processing

Services We Offer

  • Gun friendly merchant account
  • FFL Dealer merchant services
  • Gun dealer merchant accounts
  • Firearms credit card processing
  • Auction payments
  • Firearm sales at gun shows
  • Credit card processing for gun dealers
  • Retail gun shops
  • Internet gun shops
  • Gun auction sales
  • Gun & Ammo Payment Processing


The following features are included at NO extra charge…

    • FREE Merchant Account Set Up
    • FREE Secure Gateway Set-Up
    • FREE Online Virtual Terminal and Secure Web Link Shopping Cart
    • FREE Automatically Emails Your Customer a Receipt
    • FREE CVV2 – This verifies the Last 3 Numbers on the Back of the Credit Card
    • FREE Unlimited Users – Sub Accounts and Web Sites
    • FREE AVS – Address Verification System
    • FREE Advanced Fraud Screening and Protection – 3DES Encryption
    • FREE High Risk Country and IP Address Blocking
    • FREE Tokenization and Customer Profile Manager (CPM): allows you to store customers’ sensitive payment information on our secure servers, simplifying your compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)
    • FREE Duplicate Transaction Prevention
    • FREE Automated Recurring Billing Set-Up – Monthly, Quarterly or Annually etc..
    • FREE Support 24/7
    • FREE Batch Processing
    • FREE Set Up for American Express
    • FREE Set Up for Debit Card Processing
    • FREE Set Up for iPhone Credit Card Processing
    • FREE “Buy Now” buttons for Online and Impulsive Purchases
    • FREE Secure, Easy-To-Set-Up Online Order Forms
    • FREE Cascade Billing – Use Several Merchant Accounts
    • FREE Secure Web Payment Forms with 3DES Encryption
    • … And much more!

A Little MORE About Us:

  • Dun and Bradstreet Listed: In Business Since 1989
  • BBB A+ Listed with Zero Complaints
  • Online Payments
  • Payment Solutions
  • Tokenization
  • Free Recurring Billing
  • Online Check ACH Processing
  • Ecommerce Shopping Carts
  • Online Firearms Merchants
  • Mobile Merchant Services
  • Gun Show Processing
  • Gun and ammo Payment System
  • Plus Many More!
  • NRA Member
  • NRA Business Alliance Listed
  • Visa, MC, Amex and Discover PCI/CISP Certified
  • Secure 3DES Account Number Encryption
  • Secure 256-bit SSL Encrypted Payment Gateway

Gun and Ammo Dealer Merchant Services

We work with all of the following Gun Dealer Friendly shopping carts. If you have one that is not on this list please call us because we still have other solutions.

  • WooCommerce
  • Magento
  • The GemCart
  • OpenCart
  • ShopSite
  • VirtueMart
  • Blesta (Client Management Billing System)
  • WordPress + Shopp
  • WordPress + eStore
  • Zen Cart
  • 3dCart
  • Gunzmart
  • X-Cart
  • Interspire
  • PDG Soft
  • GunAmerica
  • Prestashop
  • AgoraCart
  • Storesprite
  • UberCart
  • Oscommerce
  • eProcessing Network (EPN Cart)
  • ZenMagick
  • TomatoCart
  • DigiStore
  • SpreeCommerce
  • ZeusCart
  • JadaSite
  • Ecommerce Shopping Cart
  • jCart
  • CF Shopkart
  • DashCommerce
  • ASP.Net
  • Idut Shop
  • OsCommerce
  • WooCommerce
  • Joomla

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