Hypercom T4205 Credit Card Terminal


Note: Hypercom is now EQUINOX

We now offer the Equinox Credit Card Terminals and no longer offer Hypercom Terminals.



If you have any questions about any credit card terminals or payment gateway processing feel free to call us at 800-757-5453.

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Why settle for a dial terminal that limits your business? The Hypercom T4205 is everything your business needs, and nothing it doesn’t. The Hypercom T4205 is built on the extremely successful T4200 platform, you are assured a terminal that will offer your business ease of use, simple integration and trouble-free years of credit card processing.

The Hypercom T4205 credit card terminal combines simple workhouse features with racehorse pace utilizing its modem dial out. It supports value added applications such as check conversion with guarantee or our gift/loyalty card program. The thermal printer handles customizable text and graphics at 18 lines per second, the industry leading rate!

Witness the Hypercom T4205 in action and you’ll wonder what you’ve been waiting for!

• Dial capability for fast transaction flow
• Intel XScale 32-bit processor – Quickest Transactions
• Rapid Configuration – Minimum keystroke setup
• Security standard – Fast, secure PIN entry
• Multi Merchant Capable – Up to 20 accounts
• Supports value added applications, Check Conversion, Gift Cards, PayPass

Perfect for:
General Retail
Carry Out, Gas stations
Discount Outlets
Department Stores
Restaurants and Coffee Shops
Grocery stores
Day Care
Cinemas and Theaters
Building Materials
Auto Repair
Medical Office or Clinic
Government Office
Any business who need the capability of accepting cards!


Internet Commerce Merchants

We are a world leading consultant group for hard to acquire and low risk merchants. We specialize in hard to acquire accounts, or merchants looking for a service above the normal offerings from traditional merchant accounts.

Retail Merchants

From the basic Hypercom T7 terminal, to fast IP enabled terminals, to USB based computer card readers (with QuickBooks compatibility), and wireless terminals, we can provide the correct equipment for your swiped transactions.

Mobile Merchants

We can support a wide range of mobile devices, from the iPhone to the iPad, to BlackBerry’s and Android’s. Please speak with an account manager for details on the best solution for your business.




firearms payment processing